How to Get a Doctor Recommendation for California Medical Cannabis

This medical marijuana is known locally as an alternative medicine to treat various diseases. Medical experts have seen the medical value of medical marijuana thanks to medical research; it turned out that medical marijuana has a high value on one’s life.

Experts say there are some health benefits from the use of medical cannabis. Someone tried smoking buds help alleviate gastrointestinal problems. Meanwhile, drinking marijuana herbs to relieve the pain of body and muscle pain due to excessive work breaks. In some cases, prominent medical marijuana used as an analgesic in women during pregnancy period. Seniors say that when you smell the medical marijuana, you will feel relaxed and calm, and relieve pain during pregnancy. Marijuana is such a special substance that can produce pain in the body, which reduces the pain experienced by women, while providing the child.

Cannabis doctors have shown that cannabis use can actually help someone heal AIDS, brain and lung cancer, glaucoma, Parkinson syndrome, and more.

But this medicinal marijuana can’t be bought just like that. You must have a recommendation by a licensed medical marijuana doctor and approved before you can use this alternative medicine. In California, patients usually seek help from the cannabis clinic to recommend a doctor for them. There are many medical marijuana doctors in the region, and most of them offer their services for free.

After finding a doctor, prepare all documents (medical records, identity cards, health certificates, prescription drugs prescribed by a physician and other ancient documents proving that they were not cured of the previous medication). After completing all documents submit your application to the California department of public health (CDPH) for your medical marijuana card once you have cannabis card you can legally buy marijuana from California medical marijuana dispensaries or cannabis clubs.

Bring the documents mentioned above to the medical marijuana doctor and wait for an assessment of the case. They will evaluate your request and in most cases, you have all day to get a recommendation from them. They will ask questions so be prepared well. Questions revolve around your old medications and why you need to try marijuana medication?

Once you have reviewed medical records and health certificates, identity cards will be checked so please bring a valid ID to avoid problems during the assessment. Once a doctor makes sure that you are justified by the patient will provide a letter of recommendation stating that you are entitled to use medical marijuana for medical purpose. And also you can buy marijuana from medical marijuana dispensaries and grow marijuana at your home as per medical marijuana laws.

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