Major Health Benefits of Medical Cannabis

Cannabis is a not legal drug for all state formed from the dried leaves and flowers of a plant called Cannabis sativa. Therefore marijuana is schedule I drug. The use of medical cannabis is alert on affecting the beneficial effects of this drug to a patient in a try to progress the patient’s overall eminence of life. There are only 14 states approves the use of cannabis for medical purpose and all the state has own medical cannabis law for the use of medical marijuana.

Here are some of the top health benefits of Medical Cannabis. Lots of people are deceived about cannabis and the benefits that marijuana can provide. All the information is supported by medical marijuana research proving the helpful health benefits of the medical cannabis has.

-> Pain Relief
One of the main benefits of medicinal marijuana is use to relief chronic pain or neuropathic pain. The medical cannabis doctors studies and examined the effect of cannabis treatment in patients with HIV neuropathic pain. In this study, Dr. cham and his colleagues found that high percent of patients taking cannabis experienced at least 30 percent pain reduction. In contrast, only few percent of patients taking placebo, similar results.

-> Increased Appetite
Use of marijuana stimulates the body’s metabolism and causes users to experience an increase in appetite. Many diseases, including cancer and HIV can cause symptoms of decreased appetite to develop in affected patients. If this happens, patients often lose significant amounts of weight, which may be detrimental to the recovery process of the disease. The human body needs energy – in the form of food eaten – to fight infection and heal damaged tissue or cells. In patients who suffer from a lack of appetite because of a disease, medical marijuana may be useful to stimulate the appetite. Medical marijuana may signal the need for food in your body, encouraging the patient to eat to provide energy for the body.



-> Nausea Decreased
Many patients experience nausea or vomiting due to several disease or treatment such as chemotherapy. National Cancer Institute reported that THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) – the active ingredient in marijuana – can reduce symptoms of nausea and vomiting in assured cancer patients. The control of such symptoms in patients can improve quality of life of patients and some patients may be more susceptible to treatment of diseases.

-> Muscle Relaxation
Plant of cannabis smoke relaxes the muscles in the body. Patients who experience muscle stiffness or shaking (spasticity) often have difficulty in fulfilling the tasks associated with normal daily activities. These patients may benefit from the use of medical cannabis, because it can help to reduce the symptoms of muscle or muscle aches or pains. This form of treatment may increase the patient’s ability to move normally and can promote a more positive quality of life.

-> Help Relieve PMS
Unofficial figures show that cannabis use can reduce the pain in cases of PMS. It is estimated that 75% of menstruating women have some premenstrual syndrome symptoms.

Be sure that all state has own law for the use of marijuana. For the use of marijuana first you prove that marijuana patients. To become a patient go to your nearest 420 doctor (marijuana doctor) and fix an appointment for your medical marijuana card. Only marijuana doctor recommend you for the medical marijuana card. The state Health Department issue the medical marijuana card by using this card you can legally use medical marijuana.

Once you have medical marijuana card you can legally purchase medical marijuana from medical marijuana dispensaries. And you can also grow marijuana for medicinal purpose as per state law.

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