Basic Information Regarding Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana can be recommended by your doctor if you have specific requirements for the qualifications in the states that approve the use of marijuana as a treatment option. If your marijuana doctor has prescribed marijuana, you must be registered in your state to use it. This blog will lead you through the steps necessary to get medical marijuana.

In order to get marijuana for medical use, you must first review the levels of seemingly contradictory legislation before you even start trying to find some rather kept secret sources. Individual states could legalize marijuana for medicinal purpose, but federal law still makes it illegal. During the fourteen states passed medical marijuana laws that make it legal to possess, purchase and growing of marijuana for medical purposes, some make it illegal sale of marijuana for any reason. States also generally provide little information about how patients can get marijuana.

Before you even consider getting marijuana for medical purposes, you must consult 420 doctors to know the benefits and risks of marijuana and talk to a criminal defense attorney about legal issues concerning the use of marijuana in your state. You may need to register for medical marijuana card in your state.

Where is Medical Marijuana Legal?
Marijuana is still illegal under federal law, even for medical purposes. Moreover, the Supreme Court ruled that medical marijuana state law does not restrict the ability of the federal government to violate federal law enforcement agencies.

There are 14 U.S. states now have medical marijuana laws allowing the prescribing and use of medicinal marijuana. In these states:
-> Alaska
-> California
-> Colorado
-> Hawaii
-> Maine
-> Michigan
-> Montana
-> Nevada
-> New Jersey
-> New Mexico
-> Oregon
-> Rhode Island
-> Vermont
-> Washington

In all states allow medical marijuana, proof of residence is required to obtain and / or fill a prescription. Moreover, only four states accept identification cards for residents of states – Maine, Michigan, Montana and Rhode Island.

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Conditions for a Qualifying Medical Marijuana Recommendation
According to the Food and Drug Administration of United States, “marijuana has a high potential for abuse, no currently accepted use in treatment in the United States and a lack of accepted safety under medical supervision of the Food and Drug Administration. As per federal law marijuana include schedule I drug.

States that have legalized the medical use of marijuana in general give a few hints about the conditions that may benefit from the use of marijuana. Patients who are suffering fro various disease such as pain, cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, severe or chronic pain, severe nausea and 166 more.

Only state approve medical marijuana doctor recommend you to use of marijuana. Remember that all state has own laws on purchasing and growing marijuana for medical purpose. Medical marijuana doctors cannot prescribe it nor can pharmacies dispense it. Instead, doctors “recommend” marijuana for their patients. Patients can then use this recommendation to get an ID card means medical marijuana card allowing them to grow or purchase medicinal marijuana.

How to Choose the Best Marijuana Strains for You

More than a thousand different strains of marijuana available today with more developed each year. Only a few of these problems are widely grown by farmers in the house for medical purposes. Illegal cultivation of marijuana has their favorite wild and the large number of strains received little attention in the general population.

For thousands of years hemp was cultivated by the indigenous peoples of the world. They used this plant non-toxic smoke because it makes them feel good – a sort of panacea for something that hurts. They ate the seeds, because they taste good and helped fill their food, sometimes thin.

They have learned to break the long stocks and fiber – with baskets and other handicrafts. Today we have two main uses of medicinal marijuana – medicine and relaxation, – and both are legal in some states of America.

Different strains of marijuana smokers are used for the pleasure of relaxation, such as kush marijuana and purple marijuana are all in the cannabis family, which consists of three families of marijuana:

* Cannabis Ruderalis
* Cannabis Sativa
* Cannabis Indica

That is derived from hemp has been called the Cannabis Ruderalis, and went wild last 50-70 years of neglect. It ‘was decaying plant hemp was raised in the old days when millions of America.

Ruderalis Sativa hemp fields used – and when he stopped growing commercial treaties, Sativa died over the years – but Ruderalis changed into a ditch weed and survived as a wild grass.

Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica are the other two families of cannabis from which all strains are – and in recent years has been used Ruderalis successful return Sativa or Indica.

For example, California medical marijuana is a mostly sativa variety imported for sale on the black market. This is not considered one of the best strains of medical marijuana, but it’s better than a lot of new strains. It’s probably best for medical purposes, for patients suffering from terminal pain.

Types of marijuana increased in number over the last 50 years or more. All these new strains were developed by private persons in illegal conditions, a more potent strain. The use was mainly social – but in the process of this violation of the medical marijuana laws, has some medical uses have been developed.

And ‘known for years that certain diseases are best helped by a strain more than others. This has inspired the development of even higher rates than necessary. Some of the results are the following positions:

-> Afghani # 1 is a powerful, easy to grow plant that grows in bloom in 45 days. It is recommended for chronic pain and muscle spasms.

-> Apollo 11 will grow to flowering stage in 45 to 55 days. It is used for epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

-> Northern Lights # 5 is a high performance plants, flowers in about 45 to 55 days, good resistance, short, thick and easy to grow. A perfect plant for indoor growing. Stimulants used for anti-nausea, anti-emetic and appetite.

-> Flowers of White Widow between 50 and 55 days. Very powerful, high resin production, light-colored buds can get almost white look – good for epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and other disorders such as seizures.

While deciding on a strain for your illness, but also on where they are growing. Different strains of medical marijuana may be appropriate under certain conditions. Internal and external positions are very different for different diseases, can be used successfully.

Your home and your lifestyle can grow your own medical marijuana difficult for you. In such cases, it can be to your advantage to find a breeder in your state medical marijuana program and get it from them.